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Squonking for Beginners

If you are a fairly experienced vaper, you will be familiar with a variety of vaping devices, however squonking is in a category of its own, and so may be fairly new to you. If you are new to vaping altogether, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the selection of vaping devices that are currently on the market, and how they work, as squonking can occasionally be dangerous if the user dosen’t really know what they’re doing. We have put together a convenient guide covering the basics of squonking, to help both experienced vapers, and newbie vapers decide if squonking may be beneficial to them.

So… What exactly is squonking?

Basically, squonking is a form of vaping, in which the vaper uses a ‘squonk mod’ to hold and disperse vapour. Squonk mods have many benefits over other vaping devices, and so are favoured methods of vaping by many. We will cover the benefits of squonking later in the article.

What are the benefits of squonking over e cigarettes?

Everything is contained in one convenient device

Squonk mods eliminate the need to carry around an e liquid bottle separate to your vaping device, as well as the need to inconveniently drip e liquid onto your atomiser as you need it. No more fiddling around with messy e liquid bottles when out and about.

Better flavour

Squonk mods completely saturate the wick in e liquid as and when you need to, so you’ll never get a dry vape. Most squonk mods will allow you to adjust the resistance output, for a fully customisable vape, so you can choose whether you want a warmer or cooler vapour, and how intense you want your flavour to be. Because many squonk mods also offer sub ohm vaping, there is reason tgo be catious. Sub ohm vaping should only be performed by experienced vapers, who are familiar with Ohms law, otherwise your vaping device could become a risk for explosion and fire.

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Octopus squonk mods

Our Octopus Mods

At the vape house we have a wide range of octopus squonk mods. Here we have selected the most popular octopus mods, however if you would like to explore our full range, and squonking accessories, including squonk atomisers. Head to our full site.
octopus squonk mod crocodile o2
Octopus Squonk Mod Crocodile 02
Octopus Squonk Mod Blue Velvet
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